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“For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which is lost.” Luke 19:10

Do you know someone who feels lost, depressed, or wounded in this unprecedented pandemic situation? The Lord Jesus Christ is God Himself who came into the world as a man to seek and to save those who are lost. In Luke 19:10 [or, In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 19, verse 10] the Lord Jesus said, “The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which is lost.”

If you know someone who needs the Lord Jesus, we warmly invite you to bring that one to our gospel meeting on Saturday, September 26th, at 7:30 pm. In this meeting we will present our dear Lord Jesus as a wonderful Savior who is seeking us in His love and who will save us in His life.

You are invited to a gospel meeting on Zoom Saturday, September 26, 7:30 pm. Translasion will be provided in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Zoom Meeting ID: 898 0963 2738. Link: or dial by phone: +1 669-900-6833

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